6 seconds too late: The end of Vine


The Vine mobile app allowed easy access to view or create content. Photo by Twitter

The people behind the Vine app announced that in coming months they will be discontinuing the mobile app. Although content will still be available on the website version and no profiles or videos will be deleted, the mobile app will be no more.

Vine is a social media mobile app that allowed its users to create content in the form of short six second videos. If you were not a creator you could still use the app to watch and re-vine others. From comedy to musical to artistic, Vine users created it all.

“When the app first debuted for Android in June 2013, I immediately downloaded it and would make daily videos about my everyday life. I would share them to Twitter for publicity, but sadly, they didn’t get much attention,” sophomore digital communications major Eric Stone said. “As time went on, I attempted to be more innovative and to create better looking videos. I would make videos through movie maker and save them to my Dropbox, and then upload them to vine. These videos were much more well made and received higher positive reception.” 

As of December 2015 Vine had nearly 200 million active users. Among them some of the top followed users received billions of loops (views) and gathered millions of followers.

Twitter, another booming social media app, bought Vine back in 2012 before it officially was released. Now that the Vine app is set to be discontinued, the Vine and Twitter team plan on having content like Vine be more relevant and popular on Twitter.

“I have been creating vines for three years,” freshman Emma Tribbett said. “Vine has not only helped me keep memories I would not necessarily be able to film, but it has done nothing but cause a positive impact. Through Vine, I have created friendships and been able to connect with people through the app. Some of my best days I have ever had have been documented on Vine.”

From the top creators of vine all the way down to the everyday viewer the Vine community will miss the app very much. In the meantime, creators and enjoying the app’s last moments and are trying to adapt to other platforms where they can post their content.

“I will miss watching and creating content on Vine,” Tribbett said. “I will also miss creating content, but am glad I have most of my favorite Vines I created saved so I can re-watch them. I know there are other platforms to create content in the future, but none will ever compare to Vine.”


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  1. Rigoberto Huuerta December 2, 2016 at 3:21 pm #

    why do you guys have shut vine down it the fun app to do and they vines are funny it not fair.