Someone other than Perry worked it

Not even dancing sharks, a giant lion or Katy Perry’s bouncing bosom could help being outshined by Superbowl XLIX’s surprise guest, Missy Elliott.

Let’s be real, Perry was good and Lenny Kravitz wasn’t bad either, but the second that the Elliott’s black silhouette shown and the sitar-strung-opening to “Get Ur Freak On” boasted from the speakers, Perry and Kravitz were seemed to be forgotten.

In all her leather-platted jumpsuit and cascading-weaved goodness, Elliott pulled the rug right from under all her other performing cohorts that hit the field that night, Seahawks and Patriots players included.

A stiff Perry came off stale when she attempted to keep up with Elliott and her high-octane dancers, during “Work It.”

Unlike Perry, Elliott seemed to be a well-oiled machine, flailing her 43-year-old legs and memorably squatting down at the beginning of “Lose Control.”

The hip-hop heavyweight, who has taken time away from the spotlight after being diagnosed with Grave’s Disease, performed three of her biggest hits, which are respectably 14, 13 and 10-years-old (in the order listed above.)

Following the halftime show, which was the most watched and highest rated in Superbowl history, Elliott’s Spotify stream showed an overall increase of 676 percent and her three performed songs all reentered the top 10 on iTunes’ music charts.

Two things have been made evident following Elliott’s performance at the Superbowl.

First off, there are tons of people ready for Elliott to erupt from her hiatus with new music, and secondly, the bar for upstagement has been set to an all new high by the seemingly forgotten queen of hip-hop music.

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