Sponge-Bob or Maroon 5? Who was the real half time star?

If you are a sports fan then the Super bowl is all about your favorite team winning. If you are not a sports fan, then normally your favorite part about the Super bowl is the halftime show.  This year’s halftime show was performed by Maroon 5.

Adam Levine Photo by: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Adam Levine Photo by: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic


There were mixed feelings about Maroon 5 performing. Everything was fine, until controversy struck when Adam Levine took off his shirt. Some people were upset at the fact that he took off his shirt. Other people just did not like the music choice.


“Maroon 5 was so good! They didn’t need Travis Scott and Big Boi,” Brooke Dunn, sophomore education major, said. Dunn said that all Travis Scott and Big Boi did was curse and that there was no point in that.


“I haven’t seen a Super-Bowl performance having cursed in it ever and there wasn’t any point because there were little kids,” Dunn said about all the foul language that was being sung. Dunn said it would have been better off without their performance since the bleeped most of it out.


“I didn’t particularly enjoy the halftime show because it didn’t wow me as much as it usually does,” Johnny Myers, senior writing major, said. Myers said that he usually loves the halftime shows, but this year it just was not good.


“I wish they did more with the SpongeBob, than just the little cameo,” Myers said. Myers said that the SpongeBob cameo was the best part of the show.


The SpongeBob segment seemed to be the highlight of the game, but not for Austin Williams, sophomore exercise science major. “Me being a Sponge-bob fan I was quick to be disappointed that the segment only had a 5 second air time,” Williams said.


“It was a cool into to Astroworld but I think “Sweet Victory” should have been played instead,” Williams said about Travis Scott performing songs from Astroworld, instead of playing the Sponge-bob song “sweet Victory.”

Adam Levine and Travis Scott (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Adam Levine and Travis Scott (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)


“I thought the halftime show was good! I’ve seen better but I’ve definitely seen worse,” Matt Keelan, senior business management major, said. Keelan said that the one thing he noticed was that Adam Levine did not seem to be excited to be there.


“he just kept a straight face the entire time,” Keelan said about Adam Levine. Keelan said that although Levine looked unhappy, it was a good set list and he enjoyed the show.


“I am not really a sports fan so the halftime show was all I watched,” Alexis Sharp, sophomore education major, said. Sharp said Maroon 5 singing their old hits brought back memories of her childhood.


“I loved when Maroon 5 sung “She will be loved” and “One Love” appeared in the background,” Sharp said. Sharp said it was nice that they took something that needs to be said and used it for positivity.


“It just showed that no matter what we go through or how we look, we all will be loved in different ways and we all have to learn to love each other if we all plan to be here for a while,” Sharp said about the glowing lights that appeared in the background of the song.


SpongeBob’s appearance on the half-time show, caught us all off guard, but it seems to be the best part of the super-bowl. There will still continue to be mixed feelings about the whole super-bowl but overall it was a good game and half-time show.