WYBF Spooky Scavenger Hunt

Students ran, drove and photographed their way through the WYBF Spooky Scavenger Hunt as a part of Cabrini College’s annual Freak Week. Students were given a list of 115 items they had to take a picture of; the team who got the most won four tickets to the Bates Motel. Teams were split up into groups of four and had an hour to take as many pictures as they could.

“It was fun a lot of fun! I just liked running around with my friends getting the pictures. I actually thought we won but we were four short,” Dana Wisniewski, sophomore chemistry major, said.

The items on the scavenger hunt checklist required students to go all over campus buildings, in residence halls, and even in one student’s apartment. The winning team had 72 pictures of the 115 available. About seven teams participated and kept Freak Week going strong.

 Would you have won?

          A picture of three Ugg boots

          A picture of the public safety golf cart

          A picture with a professor

          A picture of someone on your team wearing a lab coat

          A Texas license plate

          A picture of a Hot Pocket in a microwave

          A bottle of hot sauce

          A picture of someone on your team climbing a tree

          A Northface that’s not black

          A Baltimore Ravens jersey

          Hank the seal from the SEaL office


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