Student Government aids in being the voice of Cabrini’s community

student govStudent Government plays an important role on campus in speaking on behalf of the student body, while connecting students and administration. the organization is in charge of many important decisions concerning student’s needs, ideas, and problems that may need to be addressed.

SGA also proposes and puts into action concerns that need to be addressed, for example, turning the volleyball court into a roller rink, the hassles with parking on campus, and concerns with the cafeteria food.

Giorgio Courtis, a sophomore SGA member, said, “Student Government does not stop at being a Senator. Everyone who attends Cabrini is part of [the organization] and has the opportunity to change the campus through us.”cam

Committees are formed based on the changes that need to be made on campus and are in charge of making sure that the students’ concerns are made a priority.

The organization contains a hierarchy with a president, vice president, and a treasurer. The positions are renewed every year, and students can become apart of student government by filling out an application online. The election for positions in student government are held every spring semester.

Kiley Sharp, a sophomore SGA member said, “ Being in student Government gives me a chance to help solve some of the problems that students find, or help make their ideas come to life, which I think is pretty awesome.”

Joining student government is a great way to get involved and it will also look great on ones resume. Student Government is a student- run- organization that meets every other Tuesday from 3:15 to 4:30. However that may change every semester.

Events that student government is in charge of running are the 3 v 3 basketball tournament and the safety walk. The Student Government is open to suggestions from students on other events that they can possible aid in on campus.

Getting involved in the organization gives students the ability to meet new people who share the same passion of making change on the campus, while creating friendships with different people. They also highlight that student’s opinions on campus really do matter and are highly taken into consideration.

S.G.A. is beneficial because it allows for students to enhance their leadership experience on campus and work with many different offices around campus that can lead to opportunities.

Lucia Neuber, a senior S.G.A. member said, “I learn so many new techniques for management, organization and how to be an effective leader.”

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