Successful turnout for SGA-hosted 3v3 basketball tournament

The Student Government Association (SGA) hosted a three-versus-three basketball tournament Wednesday, Sept. 21. Calling out all of the ball players on campus, they were lured in through free admission, water and pretzels!

SGA member and sophomore Jack Sanders was apart of the organization of this year’s tournament. “I do not know who came up with this idea, it is way before my time. We are just maintaining tradition,” Sanders said.

A tradition that was started a few years ago seemed to be very spirited as almost 30 students signed up to be a part of this event, players consisting of male and female players. But why basketball? Would kickball bring out the same crowd?

“I think they chose to go with basketball because it has such a strong connection with the school. I see a lot of kids come to the gym and play recreationally, it’s also the biggest intramural sport we have, and its easy to run a tournament with basketball,” Sanders said.

Bragging rights is not the only thing these teams are fighting for, as every player from the team who wins the tournament receives $25 dollar visa card and a Cabrini water bottle.

Halfway into the night’s action a scuffle broke out between two teams. Both teams were disqualified for their behavior and delay of the tournament. Junior Patrick Valyo was a reserve for his team as he dashed out onto the court as the scuffle took place.

“They were fouling us really hard! We couldn’t complain because there were no real refs out there, we just matched their game and things got out of hand. It was totally not our fault but SGA made the right call,” Valyo said.

With two teams disqualified from the tourney, Team Base, which consisted of three of the University’s baseball players were one win away from triumph as they went on to win the visas, water bottles, and the rest of the pretzels that were left over.


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