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Switching from summer and shifting into school

There's no doubt that students have trouble getting back into the routine of classes each year. (Leonard Brock/File Photo)

There’s no doubt that students have trouble getting back into the routine of classes each year. (Amarra Boone/File Photo)

Transitioning from summer to school is difficult for all students of all ages.

The transition from summer to school mode is particularly stressful for college-age students. Maybe they feel as though they barely had a summer to speak of. Maybe they feel that they are not ready to go back.

Some enjoy the routine of school while others dread the structure. If college was all play and no work, many of us would have an easier time adjusting. But that is not realistic, as there are high levels of expectation placed on the average college student.

Anxiety and nerves can even play a part in the transition. Many people, especially students, can feel more panicky and/or anxious before school, during or even weeks after school starts. Students can feel out of control, frightened because of new responsibilities and fear of the unknown. Nervous habits, anxiety and meltdowns all play a role in the build up of adjusting to a completely new schedule.

So what is one to when everything is changing around them? Studies suggest that focusing on the positive points of change can help our mental state of mind. Focusing on the positive tends to bring positive results. Finding things that feel normal and comfortable to you are important as well.

  • Bring that blanket that you’ve always had on your bed.

  • Watch that TV show that you watched with your BFF during sleepovers.

  • Things that remind you of the good times will get you through the potential bad ones.

Change is really hard. So try to transition into school life as gradually as possible. Don’t expect yourself to land on your feet 24 hours after you’ve moved in. Transitioning takes time.

Get into a routine. We like to be able to know whats next, so do just that. Get your clothes out the night before. Go to bed at a regular time. Have a time set apart to do homework or play catch up. Lastly, be organized. Not knowing where you put your ID isn’t going to help you focus on what’s in front of you.

Take the transition one day at a time and before you know it, you are comfortably in the flow of the school year.

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