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Kanye West ,yet again, made nasty comments about those that won music awards, and not Beyonce. Below, West’s infamous interruption of Swift’s acceptance speech in 2009.

Kanye West demands that awards go to Beyonce

Infamously the rapper has rudely opened his mouth once again. Among the winners of the 57th  Grammy awards was Beck, The artist took home the Album of the Year award, beating the night’s top winner  Sam Smith  and even Beyonce. Kanye West  was once again unhappy with Beyonce’s loss to Beck and  reportedly told E! news after the show “I just know that […]

light jeans

Spring into fashion this season

By Alexa Ferragine Lifestyles Editor The smell of budding flowers and fresh cut grass over power the incoming spring season. New fashion trends and styles will be shortly appearing in store windows. Flannel seems to be sticking around and transitioning from winter looks to spring looks. In order to wear a flannel and turn it […]