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  Viral Video This video is perfect if you missed out on any of the performances during the VMAS this year. You will be able to see clips and pictures from Pink, Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne, and many more. The video also includes commentary about each performance and interviews from the performers themselves! Application […]

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Application of the Week: Snapguide

Ever wanted to learn how to dougie? Or how to make a delish homemade pie? Did you ever want to learn something new without taking an expensive class or taking up a lot of time to learn it? There is always something new to learn with Snapguide, a free application and website. It allows people […]


Application of the week: Pulse

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to read about the news in your area, the country or around the world? Allow me to introduce you to the Pulse News Reader app.

Application of the Week: Tap Zoo

Do you love going to the zoo? Now you can have your own island full of animals with Tap Zoo. Tap Zoo is a free application available for download on all iPhones, ipads and iPod touch.

Application of the Week: Wordsmith

Do you enjoy a nice game of Scrabble? Would you rather be playing that instead of listening to your teacher lecture in class? Well the Wordsmith application can be the solution to your boredom, as it is available on your android, iPhone and iPod touch. Scrabble, a board game played by millions for decades, can […]


Application of the week

No one likes to study for a test. High lighting books, making flash cards and filling out study guides are no fun. Being so time consuming you do not even want to look at the information after you spent so long writing it down. But all of this is about to change. Thanks to Flashcards […]

Application of the Week: Foursquare

Foursquare, similar to the childhood ball game is one of the newest members in the social networking family. Foursquare proudly just made its grand entrance reaching about 3 million users at the end of August. Foursquare is an application available for the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and many other mobile devices as well. Foursquare is all […]

Application of the week: Clicker

Application of the week Clicker has announced that they are releasing an application for smart phones. Clicker is a college student’s best friend. This application allows a user to download, blog, and discuss about any show on television. The application supports shows from Itunes and Hulu. This way if you miss that all-important episode […]