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Making the daily drive: commuting from home

Ever thought to yourself, “Hey, if I commute to college, I won’t be able to get involved or understand the true meaning of what it’s like to have that ‘college experience’?” Wrong. Just because you commute to school doesn’t mean that you can’t take in the benefits and enjoy college just as much as a […]

Should you Live on Campus?

YES 1.It’s so easy to make friends when you live on campus, because you are constantly around other students. 2. Being close to class is a huge advantage when it comes to college. Instead of fighting over a parking space, you can take your time to get ready in the morning and get some exercise […]

Commuters can enjoy college experience

Being a commuter is like any other college experience. You can either make the most of it or not. There are some who argue that college is best experienced by living in a dorm but that’s only because that’s what they did. You can have the best four years of your life without stepping foot inside […]