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Unveiling the importance of choosing a major

Choosing a major is an important decision. For a senior Penn State University student, choosing a major in mechanical engineering seemed like the best choice as a freshman. “I always enjoyed building things. Santa got me three K’Nex toys for Christmas and I built them all in the same day,” Montes de Oca said. “I […]

Environmental discussion tackles pressing issues

What are carbon footprints? What really is global warming? What’s the cost of climate change to those around the world today and future generations? Why should we care? These are the questions that Dr. Eric Malm, assistant professor of business administration in Cabrini’s Business Department, tried to help the crowded mansion sunroom understand during his […]

Closures for fishing

The Gulf’s problems aren’t over yet

The situation in the Gulf is more than just an oil spill. The delicate environment of the area has been forever altered. The economy is spiraling downward with no signs of stopping. But what’s next?