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The gym is so a place for a girl

I would not call myself a gym rat. I do not spend nearly enough time in the gym as I should, and I probably could not name more than five types of workouts that include weights. I do go to the gym occasionally and often see fit women who could probably benchpress more weight than […]

Gym memberships are out – fitness applications are in

10 years ago, if you wanted to get a good workout in while keeping track of your progress, getting a gym membership was the best option. In 2015, with the use of technology and smartphone applications, you have access to workouts and results right at your finger tips. According to Nielsen Holdings N.V., two-thirds of […]

Cabrini faculty use the Dixon Center

Cabrini faculty and staff members use the Dixon Center facility, and know how important it is to work out on a weekly basis. Not only do students and athletes use the gym to stay in shape, but the faculty and staff of Cabrini College use the gym numerous days of the week to stay healthy […]