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Day 13 of Occupy Wall Street begins with a march through the streets of lower Manhattan on Sept. 29 with the One World Trade Center construction site in the background.

News Briefs Issue 05

Occupy Wall Street protests fight for economic equality A group of activists stood up against greed, corporate influence and social inequality during late September. A large number of police officers were sent to the streets near Zuccotti Park, at Broadway and Liberty Street, where protestors had been camping during their protest. The “leaderless resistance movement” […]

Untapped resource could meet U.S. energy needs for 20 years

For the past century, the natural gas located thousands of feet below the ground in the Marcellus Shale formation has laid underneath the state of Pa. untapped. It has the potential to bring a natural gas “gold rush” according to the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center but has not drilled because technology was not advanced […]

Float and Flick

One of the newest events this past week was “Float n Flick.” What could be a better idea than to have some fun in the pool and watch an all-time classic movie “Jaws”? Everyone who attended got to have some fun on floats, forget about some school work and just relax with their friends. “Over […]

Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Lauren Conrad On the cover of three magazines this month, Cosmopolitan, Elle, and US Weekly, Lauren Conrad is living a fabulous life after leaving the “Hills.” Her current two novels in stores, “L.A Candy” and “Sweet Little Lies,” are best sellers and she has two more coming out in Oct., “Sugar and Spice,” […]