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Students spend their summer on campus

  As students say goodbye to a sweet summer and get back to school, there are some people on campus who never went home. Whether it is internships or working at on or off campus jobs, summer at Cabrini is an option for all students looking to stay on campus. Many students on campus during the […]

Students get excited for summer

As the days get sunnier, warmer and brighter, many students are starting to think about what they want to do while they are not at school. Nazifa Akanda, criminology and sociology double major, is very excited about the upcoming summer break. “I’m excited for the summer, but I know I will be very preoccupied with […]

I’ve got that summertime sadness

All of grade school, middle school and high school, when school is out, summer begins. Summer means endless days of fun, vacations, sun and very little work involved. In high school, some students start summer jobs, as a way to make some extra cash and kick start that good old work ethic. But, for the […]

Blake Lively sports a summer braid

Summer Fashion

Summer 2014 is going to be a hot one! This year’s fashion trends are all about black and white. Light tones are starting out already as early as spring and are going to work their way into the summer.


“Summer’s over? I just left”

August 26th definitley approached way faster than I expected, but there’s that saying “time flies when your having fun.” Oh boy, what can I say about this summer? One thing I definitley tried to make it as relaxing as possible. I caught up with old friends, new friends, went to the beach, worked and of […]