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Are tattoos something worth while?

Tattoos are as permanent as their meanings.  Whether the meaning is something personal, something funny or just plain cool, all tattoos have a purpose.   To what degree, if any, does one have too many tattoos? “One may argue that there is no limit, and that the body is an open canvas while others would […]

Military going for a sharper image

Recent military regulation changes include several restrictions regarding military personnel having specific tattoos. Are these rules shaping for a cleaner appearance or is this a hinderence on freedom of expression?

I love tattoos, how about you?

Why is it that some people think that having tattoos are the worst thing in the world? I totally disagree. Tattoos are not that bad, well, they are not bad at all. People get them all the time. I love all my tattoos, and I’m not finished getting all of them yet. They are amazing. […]