Taking a look at the Cabrini 2020 Roadmap

The Cabrini 2020 Roadmap Source: Cabrini University

“The Cabrini 2020 Roadmap positions Cabrini University to be a first-choice destination for a variety of learners who will experience a transformational Education of the Heart through rigorous academics, leadership development, and hands-on work solving complex social problems.”

The Cabrini 2020 Roadmap is a plan to build, bolster and endorse the school in a short, yet carefully laid out way. The roadmap has been moving along steadily since it’s initial inception; with significant progress having been made in regards to the core concepts of the map.

The core concepts being; adult education, graduate programs, high-impact practices, international programs, infrastructure, community, traditional undergraduate, and transfer students. All have been heavily improved since Cabrini President Donald Taylor first mentioned the Roadmap in 2015.

The one thing that has seen a lot of progress though the roadmap has been infrastructure, with a variety of construction taking place on campus. The first renovation was the Dixon Center addition, “The Nerney Pavilion.” Following it will be the new residence hall, as well as a new parking structure. Construction of these two structures started as of June 2018.

Cabrini’s master plan regarding construction on campus Source: Cabrini University

Following those two will be what the Cabrini Master Plan refers to as Stage three, a brand new student center near Dixon as well as a new parking structure in the south area of campus.

Enrollment has been steadily increasing in the undergraduate field over the last five years which has correlated with the 2020 Roadmap in order to ensure diversification, sustainable growth and expanded outreach. Which is a goal of the plan, as listed in the initial advertising of the Roadmap, where the 2020 outcomes regarding traditional undergraduate were “Increased enrollment of qualified undergraduate students; improved retention from fall to spring, and spring to fall; expanded student diversity; leading to classification as an Hispanic-serving Institution.”

Graduate Admissions has also been affected by the Roadmap in the way that members of the correlating office have been actively involved in strategic planning to increased enrollment.

 “We want to have a strong program so that there is a trickle from undergraduate to graduate,” Diane Greenwood, Director of Cabrini Graduate Admissions, said.

Greenwood also spoke about how under President Donald Taylor, the Graduate Admissions office has developed “creative ways to engage graduate population” such as pamphlets being delivered to local businesses in Wayne as well as an event happening on December 4th. The event, the Cabrini Undergraduate Fair, will certainly work on bridging a gap between undergraduate and graduate students.

“The most exciting thing, and the most thing I get jazzed up about or passionate about is the mission. The charism of the missionary sisters, the mission of the University an education of the heart. That drive, that’s the central core to everything we do here on campus. The roadmap to 2020, the next plan, everything we do is mission based. And that’s what gets me fired up. And that’s what I really love about the institution, and I think Cabrini is different from other institutions who talk a good game, but they don’t match what they’re talking,” Brian Eury, acting President of Cabrini University, said.

As time progresses towards 2020, more and more of the roadmap will steadily continue on as planned. From new buildings to higher admissions, Cabrini will certainly grow.