Samantha Trumbo leaves mark on Women’s tennis team

Samanthat Trumbo is a senior tennis player at Cabrini College. That title alone does not necessarily do Samantha justice. Tennis was not always a part of Samantha’s life, but the way tennis crossed her path, it is safe to say that her relationship with the sport was destined.

Growing up in her household it was only Trumbo and her father.

“I wasn’t athletic when I was younger,” Trumbo said. “My father has always been a big sports fan but athletics were not a big deal in our house. My dad has always been supportive of anything that I decide to do.”

Trumbo did not start with a tennis racket in her hand.  At the age of ten she started taking dance classes. She became unsatisfied with dance and came to the realization that dancing just wasn’t what she wanted to do. However, she developed a love for running that followed her through her high school years.

Trumbo never decided to join her high school’s track team but she chose to put her passion for running to use through tennis. Trumbo attended Woodstown High School in her hometown of Woodstown, New Jersey. During her freshman year of high school, she attended her school’s activity fair.

She was looking at the tennis team’s table when their captain approached her and encouraged her to sign up. Ever since then she is loved playing tennis. Her accomplishments attest to that passion, as she earned All-Colonial States Athletic Conference (CSAC) honorable mention in 2011 as a freshman. Trumbo earned her second honorable mention during the 2013 season.

She was also recognized as an Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) Scholar-Athlete, an award given to collegiate tennis players for having an accumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher  after being enrolled for at least two semesters.  She was also named to the CSAC All-Academic Team, honoring all CSAC conference athletes that earn  a 3.2 grade point average or higher during their academic semester.

After finishing her final season with the women’s tennis team she now moves her focus to finishing up school and looking forward to graduation.

For Trumbo the reality of her tennis career coming to an end is bittersweet.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better last season, I really have gotten close with the girls and the team,” Trumbo said.  “Together we accomplished a lot this year.”

“As a player I fell, I grew and improved and improved. I’m going to miss it more than I can put into words.” Trumbo said “I will be following how the team is doing and I really hope to see them win a championship.”


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