The chase for your summer body

Photo Credit: Cabrini University

As we are heading near the end of winter, athletes are not the only ones heading to the gym. Innumerable people around the world are going to the gym to get their new summer body they were always looking for. However the main question is what exactly are they working out? The answer is it all depends on what you want your personal goal to be this summer.

With this being said, a large number of people’s goals are to lose weight before the summer starts.

“When I go to the gym I usually just do a lot of cardio. I been on the weight loss journey since freshman year and cardio has been very essential to me on my weight loss journey,” senior Jerome Bailey said. “Now I am trying to transition to lifting so my body can be right for the summer. I have a mind set on what I want my body to look like in the summer. I just stick to my routine.”

Photo Credit: Cabrini University

If you are looking to get in shape for the summer, there are lots of unique workouts to get in shape for the summer. As stated by muscle and fitness.com, the recommended workout that you can start with is jump-roping, barbell bench presses, barbell-bent over row, Arnold presses, incline dumbbell bench, cable flye, general pushup, general planks and general squats. You can make up your own workout plan that best fits what you are looking for to reach your goal by time summer arrives.

“When I go to the gym I usually go do cardio. I try to do 45 to 60 minutes,” junior exercise and science major, Frankie Formisano, said, “I don’t lift a lot because I want to focus more on the weight loss. I do this because I am goal oriented want to stay healthy.”