The Companion app comes to the rescue for college students

The Companion app allows consumers to virtually walk home with a friend. Photo submitted by Creative Commons.

Ever felt like someone is watching, or even scared to walk alone at night?

Recently, there have been incidents of sexual abuse and knives being pulled on campus. Luckily, there is now a newly introduced app known as ‘Companion.’

With this app, consumers and students alike are able to travel anywhere and know that with a push of a button, help will be on there to keep them safe.

The purpose of this app is to ensure the safety of any student or person that my wish to use it. Companion will allow messages to be sent to anyone whose contact information they have. Even people who do not have the app can watch over the individual through their mobile devices.

Two sophomores at Cabrini College, Liz DiTullio and Amber McVaugh, shared part of their opinions about the Companion app. After hearing about the app and its purpose, they both agreed that they appreciated the concept of the app and would look into downloading it for themselves.

“I would tell all of my friends who live in the city to download it,” DiTullio said.

Amber, agreeing with this, added that she would also stress that students especially should download Companion.

“I believe that students are too focused on their cell phones and other devices when outside alone instead of watching their surroundings, but this app can especially for students like this,” McVaugh said.

When asked if they believed that students at Cabrini should use the Companion app, they both had similar yet surprising responses.

“Even though this campus very safe compared to other colleges, I still believe that Cabrini students need it because you never know what could happen,” McVaugh said. “Anything could happen anywhere no matter how safe an area is, especially a place like Cabrini.”

This app could possibly save a lot of lives and bring comfort to even more in today’s society.

In the end, the Companion app is slowly becoming recognized throughout college campuses and populated areas and is an app that can truly make students, and working individuals alike, feel safe.