The NFL shows support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Tampa Bay Buccaneers players wore pink as a part of breast cancer awareness on Sunday, October 14, 2012. The Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 38-10, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. (Chris Zuppa/Tampa Bay Times/MCT)

During October, NFL players are allowed to incorporate pink into their uniforms to show support for breast cancer. (Chris Zuppa/Tampa Bay Times/MCT)

As a fan of football, watching it every Sunday, Monday and Thursday night, one should know that during the month of October the NFL honors breast cancer awareness.

During the month of October, every player is allowed to wear and incorporate pink into their uniform and sport a breast cancer awareness ribbon on their jersey.

The league has been honoring breast cancer awareness month since 2009.

Since then, they have raised approximately 3 million dollars, which goes to The American Cancer Society.

During halftime of every NFL game, women who have survived breast cancer are honored on the field.

It seems that what the NFL does for breast cancer awareness month is a good thing, especially for women who are fighting. The money they raise is put out for a great cause.

The NFL is mainly the only sports department unlike the NBA or the NHL that support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Not all NBA or NHL teams support the cause like all NFL teams do. Some teams would give away merchandise like t-shirts, boots, flip-flops but do not really have their players wearing pink ribbons on their jerseys or sneakers. It appears they do not really support breast cancer awareness because their seasons do not start until the middle of October. However, some teams like the Chicago Bulls; support breast cancer at one of their pre-season games with the help of Advocate Health Care, a Midwest Health Care system that supports the disease.

The NFL is an example of a large franchise that shows support for breast cancer. Wearing pink and showing support for those who fought it really means a lot to families. Having it continue throughout the month of October is something that shows not just NFL fans, but everyone across the country, what it is really like and how those who are battling it feel each and everyday.

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