Unity the best remedy to a natural disaster

It has been a common occurrence over the past month to turn on the television and see something addressing a natural disaster. Powerful storms and earthquakes take the lives of many people every year, but over the course of the last few weeks, the numbers have been devastating.

Puerto Rico, Mexico, Houston, Florida and many others are cleaning-up after major natural disasters have rattled their lives. Thousands of people have been displaced without food, water and a place to call home at night, while thousands more remain missing.

Soldiers clean up the devastation from the earthquake in Mexico. Photo: Luis Alberto Cruz of CNN.

Wherever it may be, the citizens in all affected areas of a natural disaster need help. As citizens of the United States, it is our duty to help not only those affected in our states and territories but to help all affected by these destructive disasters.

In most cases, major tragedies bring the best out of people and these natural disasters have not been any different. In times of need such as these, providing moral support, sending supplies or simply just praying for those who have been impacted can be a significant help.

As sad as many of these tragedies may be, it is always nice to see the citizens of the United States rally around each other to help those affected. In times of darkness, unity is the best remedy to the sadness in the world and that must continue to help those who have been impacted.

Although we want to address things like the NFL protests or the actions of Donald Trump as the president, we must ignore such petty things in times like these. We must unite to help as a humans, not as races, genders or political parties. For once, we need to put these things aside and think about those who are truly suffering as we speak.

Expressways are flooded in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. Photo by Aaron Cohan.

Yes, the message of recent protests are important, but there are preventable deaths happening everyday as we sit here blindly. So instead of kneeling and portraying that certain problems are the only issues in the world, let’s stand together as fellow humans to help those who clearly need our help at this time.

A time of peace and tranquility will return to the affected areas eventually, but for that to happen, they need our help. Do whatever you can do. Whether it may be large or small, anything will be appreciated at this point to the thousands of humans who remain with no sense of purpose to live right now.

To learn more or to give, please visit the Catholic Charities of the USA, where 100 percent of the funds donated go directly to disaster relief.

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