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What’s trending in back-to-school fashion this year

Get your textbooks ready and pencils sharpened, school is back in full swing. Since back to school in college means going back in August, jeans and boots are not really in the cards for your first-day-of-school outfit. Keep it light and simple these first few months of school. Considering that August and beginning of September will still have that summer-weather feel. The key is comfort during those hot days and staying cool while still being able to wear that cute new outfit to class.

With that said, florals are really in for the back-to-school look this season. There are many ways to wear florals including a sundress or a flowery floral print tank and pairing it with a cardigan.

Another look that will be trending this back-to-school year is the boho look. Once the days get a little cooler people will be able to wear their jeans, boots and oversized sweaters. Keep a look out for people sporting oversized kimonos and extra long shirts paired with the classic fall go-to jeans and riding boots.

Many different looks are available through a variety of stores. Nordstrom has a lot of flower prints that are in this fall, which is accessible in the King of Prussia Mall. Macy’s also carries a lot of different options to choose from for people who want to get the most out of even just one item.

Accessories are also a fun way to change up your look or add flare to what you may think is a boring outfit. Forever 21 is a good way to add something to your outfit and the best part is that buying cute accessories wont empty your wallet. Just adding a simple watch or bracelet can make your outfit look even more put together.

Keep a look out for back to school looks and trending outfits this back-to-school season.

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