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Who’s Who awarded to 18 seniors at Cabrini

“Receiving the Who’s Who Award was a great honor. I take great pride in the fact that all I have done over the past four years at Cabrini has allowed me to be recognized with so many amazing other students.”

Colleen Stewart is one of 18 Cabrini seniors to receive the Who’s Who Award. The accolade is awarded to students based on leadership on and off campus, academic ability, as well as community service.

Nearly 3,000 schools across all 50 states and the District of Columbia participate in awarding campus leaders with this honor. Faculty, administration and the student body select the nominees.

“In high school I was not very active and did not do much. I regretted not doing much,” Sean O’Neill said. “I promised myself that I would work harder and be active in college. When I was informed that I received the Who’s Who award, I knew that I truly left a mark at Cabrini.”

The Who’s Who Among Students program acknowledges that college students will be the next leaders in this country and try to honor those students who demonstrate consistent excellence.

“Receiving this award to me meant I did more than school work, I did heart work. I was able to do service outside of my educational duties and was able to be recognized for it.” Jenay Smith said.

Jenay mentored high school girls living in a group homes with the organization Mothers in Charge, traveled to New Orleans with campus ministry to build homes with the St. Bernard Project and did two terms with AmeriCorps.

Cabrini College’s mission is dedication to “academic excellence, leadership development and a commitment to social justice.”  Each of these are part of the requirement to be considered for the Who’s Who Award.

All 18 Cabrini students who received the award have demonstrated over the course of their college career have show a dedication to academics, leadership and community service. Each rewarded with the prestigious honor of the Who’s Who Award.

“I am proud of myself and my fellow classmates that have received this award, it is a remarkable accomplishment,” Stewart said.

The 18 Cabrini recipients of the Who’s Who award are Amy Cimo, Olivia Collins, Brandon Desidero, John Fox, Dyamond Gleaves, Michelle Goff, Anie Jamgochian, Jessica Regina Johnson-Petty, Marguerite McElroy, Sean O’Neill, Theresa Paesani, SaraAnne Penny, Clare Pressimone, Laura Rucci, Jenay Smith, Colleen Stewart and Robyn Suchy.

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