Who’s Who: Jerome Bailey

Many people in the Cabrini community know him as “Big Rome,” with his positive personality and constant willingness to help others or to lend his wise advice.  These and many other reasons are why Jerome Bailey is receiving the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges Award.

Bailey has been passionate about others since he first came to Cabrini.  After his freshman year he applied to be a resident assistant, ready to take on responsibility and maturity.  He is finishing up his third year as an RA and has received numerous awards among his staff for being the most helpful and creative resident assistant.

As a social work major, Bailey understands the importance of putting others before himself.  “My major basically defines me. I’m in a helping profession, and I’ve always been a helping, loyal, humble and caring person.”

Bailey’s acceptance into ODK. Photo by: Jerome Bailey

His major truly is his passion as he is a member of the of the social work advisory board, was inducted into Phi Alpha National Social Work Honors Society, served as secretary of the social work club and was awarded the Rebecca Bradbeer social work scholarship in 2016.

Inducted into social work honors society. Photo by: Jerome Bailey

Bailey is the only male to be receiving the Who’s Who award which makes it that much more special to him.  “This award, to me means that my hard work, eventful long nights, and academic excellence did not go unnoticed over the last four years, and that means a lot to me as I embark on this next journey in my life. Cabrini has taught me a lot academically, as well as personally.”

He also dedicates his time off campus by interning and volunteering for one of his great loves: geriatrics.  Bailey currently interns with Fair Acres Geriatric Center where aside from filing and documentation writing, he spends one-on-one time with the elderly residents there.  His compassion for geriatrics comes from his admiration for his grandmother, Evelyn.
Bailey attributes many of his successes to her encouraging him to go for every opportunity.  Once he found out that he received the Who’s Who award, Bailey immediately told his family. “My family, at the time did not know what it was. I had to explain it to them, and they were very pleased at this prestigious award.”

Bailey with trainer Shanana Roe. Photo by: Jerome Bailey

Aside from his demanding work and school schedule, Bailey still finds time to do other impactful activities as well.  Over the last three years he dedicated his time, energy and mindset into getting healthy.  From freshman year he has lost over 100 pounds which shows his commitment to a better a future for himself.

You will find him in Cabrini’s gym every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m. with trainer, Shanana Roe who tea
ches Tabata which is a form of circuit training by exercising every muscle for a full body workout.  On his off days, he’s still active by running or weightlifting to maintain his healthy lifestyle.

From one university to the next! Photo by: Jerome Bailey


It’s no surprise that Bailey received this award because of his excellence in leadership, academics and scholarship. His next move after graduation is to work towards a masters.

“I am attending Widener University (before graduation) for their Masters of Social Work Advanced Standing Program. This program is clinical based and is only for a year. I will be completing my practicum over at Crozer Keystone Center for Geriatric Medicine & Senior Health Services for the year. I plan to also work part-time while in grad school securing employment both in and out of my desired field.”

Bailey will be honored on May 20 at 11:00 a.m. at a special awards luncheon with the other 14 honorees as they prepare to graduate the next day.

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