Ultimate frisbee is Cabrini’s newest club sport

The newest addition to Cabrini’s long list of club sports is Cabrini Ultimate, Cabrini’s ultimate frisbee team. The club was founded by a student named Daniel Lista.

“So I did this as a project in community college, as like a proposal, and then I transferred it to Cabrini when I transferred it here,” Lista, a junior marketing major, said. “My friends and I played high school frisbee, so we wanted to continue it on in college.”

Pictured on the left is Cabrini Ultimate’s treasurer, Joseph Hamilton. On the right is the club’s president and founder, Daniel Lista.
Photo by Matthew Santangelo

Lista had attempted to start the club last year, but it was not able to get it approved until this current semester, mainly due to a lack of team members. He said that the team’s practices will officially start after spring break and will be on Mondays and Thursdays in the afternoon. In the weeks that follow, Lista will be attempting to get the team to compete against other local teams in tournaments. He said that these tournaments will likely occur on Saturdays.

As the president and founder of Cabrini Ultimate, Lista takes care of most of the general operations of the team, while other specific duties are designated to others in the primary authoritative positions of the team.

Pictured above is one of the flyers for Cabrini Ultimate that were hung on bulletin boards around campus in attempt in spark interest.
Photo by Matthew Santangelo

Joseph Hamilton, a junior finance major, is the treasurer of Cabrini Ultimate. Hamilton said he takes care of the budget requests for the team whenever they need funding for any specific aspect of the club. Examples include jerseys, frisbees and any other equipment the team might need. He said that most of the money for the team plan to receive from SGA, the Student Government Association, as well as the athletic director himself. With all this taken into account, Lista and Hamilton estimate they there will only be about one-half or one-third of the budget that will have to be covered by the team itself. They are considering fundraising some money, but nothing is set in stone yet.

According to the official website for USA Ultimate, the United States national governing body for the sport of ultimate, ultimate is a sport that is low-cost and relatively easy to learn given the fact that most people learn the basic athletic skills necessary to play it in their school’s PE class as a child.

Ultimate frisbee is a simple sport which makes it perfect for a club team.

Ultimate frisbee is a simple sport which makes it ideal for a club team.
Photo by Matthew Santangelo

“We talked about more of the logistics of running the club,” Orlin Jespersen, the associate director of athletics, recreation and community engagement, said. “It’s kind of an involved process, but it’s a good process too for someone like Dan cause he can see everything that goes into getting the club off the ground, and then he’s in a good position to keep it running, you know, over the next couple years.”

Jespersen has helped the club from the beginning to start off on the right foot. He met with Dan to ensure he was aware of the correct processes the entire time. Jespersen also helped guide the club to getting officially approved as a club team. This process was obviously successful as the team’s first season will be starting very soon.