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Stressed? Try some music

by Matt Tholey There are various ways to relieve stress. There are hobbies such as sports, crafts, reading, and most importantly to me, music. Peop [...]

Obligatory Election 2000 Coverage

by Chris Nielsen Ok, every young American reading this commentary who still believes in the political system, raise your hand. Nice to see there are [...]

My college years: wasted or fulfilled

by Mike Butler I feel old. Why? Because I recently did my Senior Skills presentation. It was pretty much a recapping of what I've done in my four yea [...]

Butler snaps, writes angry column

Nice costume, eh? I figure it's Halloween time. Let's get in the spirit. And since I'm in a pleasant mood, this week's column will not be about the ad [...]

Editorial: One special day, one big world

Students went to events on Cabrini Day. Students actively participated in events on Cabrini Day. Attendance sheets show that over 600 students attende [...]

Editorial: Responsibility 101

Cabrini College students received a slap in the face courtesy of the staff of the Radisson Hotel, Valley Forge. The fall formal was held there Saturda [...]

Reasoning the Fall Formal

Man, what a week. Cabrini Day, "Popcorn" and the PAC championships in Cross Country (that's a four-peat, in case you've lost track). I could write jus [...]

’80s picks a fight with a sacred book

I know it's been two weeks since I last wrote a commentary, but have no fear. I have returned to provide my reading audience with the brash, abrasive [...]

Election-week thoughts on Catholic Identity

by Mary Laver Campus Minister As I passed the voter registration table near the Food Court a few weeks ago, I found myself thinking about a Sunday mo [...]

Elect-o-rama 2000: The candidates

George W. Bush by Michael A Kazanjian assistant a&e editor With less than a week to go one of the closest races in presidential history is winding d [...]

Editorial: Voting is freedom of choice

This election is no popularity contest. Citizens are not looking for the best- dressed candidate or the one with the most campaign dollars. Prescripti [...]

Editorial: Access denied by Cabrini

Cabrini students can go and download information from any pornographic or questionable site, but are unable to access a web site still entirely legal [...]

A story that may save your life

by Stephanie Masucci I love meeting new people, and I love the way they can affect your life in an instant. The way a person tells a story or the wa [...]

The return of a Nielsen top-10 list

"Let that which does matter truly slide..." -Fight Club. We may be seeing the death of quite a beloved tradition this year. No more Spring Fling as w [...]

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Perspectives section will be updated when computer 6 is connected to the network [...]
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