Sodexo aids during the worldwide pandemic

Sodexo aids during the worldwide pandemic

With the worldwide pandemic still at large and 3.3 million Americans out of work, Sodexo decided to help those who are in need of food and cleaning supplies.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for cleaning supplies and water has increased. It is known that most people have been struggling to attain these items. According to Cabrini news, Sodexo decided to help donate food and cleaning supplies to the Lehigh county care facility. It would be useful to those who can’t get or afford these items.

Sodexo members preparing a food drive for students in Florida. Photo from Sodexo North America Instagram page.

“Our shut down happened relatively quickly and we had perishable food on hand when we closed,” Tracy Eells, Cabrini’s Sodexo general manager, said. “The first thing we did was allow our hourly employees to take food home with them since they were going to be out of work for an unknown period of time,” Eells said.

Eells thought this would’ve been a good idea since there was a lot of food leftover when Cabrini shut down and wanted to help those who need help during this time of crisis.

“I had a former colleague of mine who is the general manager of an assisted care facility reach out to me asking if we had any products we could share with him. So we made arrangements for him to meet me at Cabrini and I went through our supplies and donated items that he could use,” Eells said.

Coronavirus personal hygiene tips. Photo for Sodexo North America Instagram page.

Cabrini news states that Cabrini was able to donate many items of healthy food to the Lehigh county care facility and they were also able to receive multiple donations from other nearby universities.


Sodexo’s actions to mitigate impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19)” talks about what Sodexo has done during the course of the pandemic. Sodexo has their employees around the world providing healthcare facilities and healthcare specialist to test those may have caught the virus. They understand that this is a very difficult time, but Sodexo urges that people donate food to food-based charities. While still offering to help, Sodexo does recommend that everyone abide by the social distancing rules and practicing good hygiene rules.

Sodexo has also started a program to help out the people who are struggling with being laid off from work, to find jobs. This program is called the Sodexo Employee Relief Program.  According to “Sodexo announces new employee relief program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Sodexo has already taken the initiative to hire many applicants who need financial help. This program happens to be worldwide and helping people in North America and Europe.


Sodexo employee relief program logo. Photo by Jeffery Williams