Senior’s softball jersey is not ready to be hung up forever

February is where it all begins for the women’s softball team to step on the base and to bring the wins home. Surely, that wasn’t possible this year because all team sports were canceled.

Alcantara playing outfielder catching a ball. Photo by Carolyn Alcantara.

A senior’s season was cut short and she didn’t get the chance to finish her season the way she wanted too. There were no strikeouts, hits, or home runs. Carolyn Alcantara, senior outfielder softball player for Cabrini Cavaliers softball team, was devastated that she couldn’t touch that base one last time.

Playing softball in college was one of the best decisions she had ever made. “I have made best friends on a team that I know will forever be in my life. The softball team pushes each other physically and academically,” Alcantara, said.

Alacantara is a tutor. “There have been times when I would stay up late helping some of my teammates study for an exam. Cabrini softball is not only sharing the passion of the game but it is also a family. I have grown not only as a player but a person as well from being a part of this team,” Alcantara said.

“The coronavirus affected our season tremendously. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our season to ensure everyone’s safety. Even though it sucked that it had to be my senior year and we only played two games for the start of our season.” Alcantara said.

Alcantara feels like she should get another year to play. Since the NCAA granted all spring athletes another year to play. She will continue her education to pursue her master’s degree and will be coming back and playing next spring season.

Caroylnn Alcantara batting. Photo by Carolyn Alcantara.

Ending off in a winning percentage the Cavs were 8-6 prior to their season being cut short. Therefore, there will not be any senior day for her anytime soon. Alcantara who is an outfielder is not going out until she catches more balls, and then that is where she will hang her jersey up.

Alcantara mentions that she had a wonderful experience playing for Cabrini, but it’s not over yet for her. One more season Alcantara has left to give.

“I’ll be back to give my all on the field next spring because that’s something I couldn’t do this season,” Alcantara said.