The Rock Climbing club has been growing in popularity since its formation last year

Since the start of the rock climbing club last year there has been a surge in participation. Each week lots of Cabrini students sign up to go rock climbing. 

“Since last semester, we have gained a lot of traction. The club now meets every week instead of twice monthly,” Rachel Hetrick, a sophomore graphic design major, said. “We also have many people who have continued to sign up every week.”

Last year the club met twice monthly to climb but since then they now meet every Friday at The Gravity Vault Radnor. The club can only bring 10 students per climbing session due to club rules. “We go to the local rock climbing gym and climb for about two hours,” David Tilton, a sophomore special elementary education, said. 

When climbing the students follow the safety procedures the Gravity Vault Radnor has enforced. “The gym allows us to take them off while we are on the wall, but I often don’t because I am in the habit of wearing a mask all the time,” Hetrick said. “We are doing our part by washing our hands before and after climbing,” Hetrick said. 

“When climbing we do have to wear a mask,” Tilton said. “It’s also harder sometimes to rock climb when you’re wearing a mask,” Tilton said. He says the mask can hinder your ability to see sometimes and wearing a mask can also lead to overheating. 

“I’m not concerned,” Tilton said. “As long as you follow the rules and guidelines that the club and the gym have there shouldn’t be any concern for your safety,” Tilton said regarding COVID-19 concerns. 

“In my opinion, it is safe to climb during the pandemic as long as everyone is doing their part to stay home when they are sick, wash their hands, social distance and wear a mask,” Hetrick said. “It is always a good idea to wash up after being at the gym, even before pandemic times,” Hetrick said. 

“I’ve been climbing for years now,” Tilton said. Tilton used to do competitive rock climbing till he sustained an injury to his shoulder. Last year Tilton and Max Silverman decided to join forces and create the club since they have similar goals and interests regarding rock climbing. “The reason I love climbing is because its a great and fun workout. I always feel like I am testing my limits,” Tilton said. 

“I climbed a bit as a kid but started climbing regularly in the summer of 2019. I often go with my sister to Philadelphia Rock Gyms.” Hetrick said. “I love rock climbing because it is challenging and it brings people together,” Hetrick said. She says being at the gym always makes her happy. 


“We wanted to start a club that would give other people the opportunity to give climbing a try,” Hetrick said. Photo from Rachel Hetrick


The club has grown in popularity since its start last year. Photo from @cabrini_rock_climbing